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FosterJEE content is designed by alumni from IIT & IIM who have strong knowledge and experience of competitive exams in India. Our team has more than 15 years of industry experience diversifying across retail and finance sectors.

FosterJee has brought learning to you with an entirely personal touch considering your busy routines and circumstances. Moreover, we offer such a service that fulfills students’ needs.

Our tutors offer customized guidance here by using audio, video, and whiteboarding resources, enabling both the teacher and the student to hear, see, compose, and communicate in real-time.

Therefore, you can make the most of the opportunity by our online Jee Preparation program as it will surely make a difference in your & your family’s life.

Designing Course content which will help the students to understand the concept and apply it smoothly requires theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Sandeep B

Who are we?

FosterJEE is a well-known platform that offer tutoring services to assist students in realizing their full potential. The concept of FosterJEE is based on the meaning of the word “FOSTER- TO ENCOURAGE” and “JEE- JOINT ENTRANCE EXAMINATION.” Therefore, FosterJEE encourages the students to develop their desire to crack the Joint Entrance Examination.

Mr. Sandeep Behera is the founder of FosterJee, who belongs to a small town in India. His passion for education and desire to awaken the students’ thirst for studying has led him to this platform’s foundation. He aims to acknowledge the students about the interesting facts of science and their relation to everyday life.

It is an online tutoring platform providing tuition for the PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) to Class XI and XII students. We also help the students prepare for the entrance tests like MCAT, ECAT, JEE, etc. Here, you can get the best Jee Main Result-oriented coaching.

In addition, FosterJEE offers 200+ courses along with the 30+ best-curated Instructors of India. Our subject experts have taught about 2000+ students across the country so far.

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Our Vision
Our online program aspires to strengthen both students' academic and personal skills. We seek to lead our students towards academic success and deliver the best outcomes.
Our Mission
The primary mission of FosterJee is to assist students of all abilities, ages, and origins in achieving their long-term goals. Thus, we are providing the best quality IIT Jee Coaching services available in India. Further, we offer inspiration, empathy, and personalized focus to assist everyone in prospering.

Also, we want them to tackle unanswered challenges specially and imaginatively. By instilling a passion for the subject, self-confidence, inspiration, and guidance in our students, we aim to increase their expectations and learning outcomes.

We aim to encourage PCM subjects’ foundations while promoting engagement, knowledge, engagement, and enjoyment.

Industry Experts

Meet The Instructors

Our instructors are experts at their subjects after a profound observation, both personal and professional. They are carefully chosen, trained, and skilled to offer your academic needs the best tutoring services. Moreover, they take money secondary while the teaching always comes first to them.

Their commitment towards their profession can easily be observed throughout their classes as they take teaching as a sense of inspiration and obligation. Our teachers interact with the students in real-time, offering both individual and group classes. Their primary aim is to help students achieve improved learning opportunities and success. And they train the students for competitive exams and co-curricular exams. Thus, You need not worry as your children are in finely safe hands.

Satya swarup Senapati
Maths Grade 11 & 12 Instructor
Dibya Swarup Panda
Chemistry Grade 11 & 12 Instructor
Amy Rose
Physics Grade 12 Instructor
Adrian Cruz
Maths Grade 11 & 12 Instructor
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