According to CBSE guidance, we organize our online lectures for Class XI and XII students to make it easy for them to study sitting at home. We provide the classes following the latest syllabus and outlines given by CBSE. You can crack CBSE with our qualified faculties.

Our courses are designed and simplified for JEE Mains Syllabus & Advanced and NEET to provide students with a clear and practical approach to PCM. Our courses contain Online Video lectures with descriptive illustrations. We also provide them study material like notes, books, worksheets, test paper, etc., to prepare for the finals. Our skilled staff helps students to let them shine brightly and achieve high exam scores. We also prepare them for a promising career goal.

Advantages of Courses

Personal Pace

Our online classes enable the students to study at their own pace and ease. However, they can discuss every single point with the teachers without any fear and hesitation.

Reliable Fee

You can excrete the need for tuition classes while saving both your money and time.


You can access us via any decision at your home like a computer, smartTV, iPad, or smartphone. Therefore, we have made it very convenient for you to learn with ease and with no stress to access all the courses quickly and practice them easily.

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