Are you losing your hopes- What after JEE Main 2021 results? 

Are you losing your hopes- What after JEE Main 2021 results? 

Is there anyone who is feeling helpless because of the bad results of IIT JEE? It’s time to overcome this before you ill going to step into the mental trauma. This is the most critical decision of your life where you have to decide what should be your next plan will be or what to do after IIT result ?

You have to make a wise decision to shape your career in the direction. If you have scored poor marks in JEE marks, you don’t need to be depressed anymore. This is just the beginning phase of your life, and there are limitless opportunities for you that are waiting to hug you. In this article, we bring so many ideas or opportunities that you can grab after scoring bad marks in IIT. Therefore, no need to shatter anymore and read the below-listed options about what to do after IIT result:

What after JEE Main 2021 result?

  1. Appear for other exams: It is always good to make a backup plan after IIT to save yourself in the toughest conditions. There are still so many entrance exam tests where you can appear, starting from the state level exams to the national level. You can try WBJEE, UPSEE, COMEDK, KCET. By qualifying for these exams, you can get seats in the state board universities.
  1. Select another option: If you have low marks ad you don’t have any chance to be selected for the IIT or NIT, then you can try for something else. You can also choose some other colleges by considering some basic parameters. 
  • Infrastructure: Before making an entry to any residential or state board universities, check the amenities and infrastructure they offer. Choose a better environment where you can use Modern Equipment in laboratories and updated books and resources from the library.
  • Faculty: Faculty is also important to consider because a Research-Oriented Mindset and Doctoral Qualification will surely help you to achieve success.
  • Status and curriculum: The university should be updated with the industry curriculum and the demands in the market. It should drive a better campus recruitment drive for its students.
  • Consider lateral entry: You can also take admission in B.SC course in any science course from the state universities and then try to make a lateral entry. There are so many universities that allow students to join in the second year of the BTech Programme after completing their undergraduate courses.
  1. Choose non-engineering options: There is a common myth that you can only get success if you become a doctor or engineer, IIT in the future. There are so many opportunities in the non-engineering options too. You can also prepare for scientific research. This is a five-year program for science students where you can show your skills. In the first two years, you will learn about basic sciences. In the third and fourth year, you will learn about the specialisation in the chosen science subjects. At the same time, in the fifth year, you have to work on a research project. By joining this, a student can make their career in R&D institutes, academia, and science-based industries.
  2. Try for an undergraduate course: You can also try for the undergraduate course which has increased and growing demands. You can try for BSc in Nanotechnology from any of the recognized boards with a science stream. Otherwise, you can also try for BSc in Business Analytics if you have good mathematical skills. This program is helpful for all those bright students who want to work in the recognized organization and show their skills. There are so many more undergraduate courses similar to IIT that have gained popularity worldwide and have bright careers.

Does dropping a year is the wisest decision?

After getting poor marks in IIT JEE Main, every candidate wants to try for the next time and take an extra chance. Some of the students like you are more optimistic, and they easily agree to invest one more year in this. But the question is this the right decision? Most of the parents told that taking a year to prepare could be a better decision, but according to the expert, it won’t help you.

Most of the experts will have a different opinion. It is always good to choose the next opportunities that you can grab and do better. With increasing competition, you need to prepare for your skills rather than prepare to get a seat. No matter how big IIT institutes you choose, if you don’t have skills, you have nothing. So, you don’t need to be rushed and take any decision regarding what to do after IIT result quickly. Just wait, take your time and choose something that is best for you. 

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