Are you depressed because of your bad JEE marks- Overcome from your failures!

We always talk about success, but no one talks about failure. Life is full of uncertainties, and we all have gone through this once in our life. There is success after each failure, so don’t take your failure too personally and disturb your mind. Most of the students feel depressed if they failed in any competitive exams. Some students have gone through suicidal thoughts also if they don’t get better rank in IIT JEE or ranked below their expectations.

So, today we are going to talk about those students, especially JEE aspirants, who feel depressed and have to fear in their mind because of their last year marks. If you are one of them, then there is no need to feel anxious about the future because IIT JEE is not the end of your life. There are many more chances that come across your whole life that brings a ray of hope. So, here we suggest some of the ways that help to overcome failure and motivate you to get better rank in IIT JEE this year!

How to overcome failure and achieve a better rank in JEE?

  1. Accept & move on: The first thing which you can do to overcome failure is acceptance. Learn to accept your failure because failure always brings a lot of life lessons. When you fail in any competitive exams, then you have an idea about the areas in which you need to work hard. Do not make yourself feel low and stressed. Instead of feeling bad, be aware of your capabilities and start work on them. There is no need to compare yourself with others; just learn your capabilities and get ready to try for the next time. Understand the pattern of your exam: To get higher marks & get better rank in IIT JEE for this year, you should understand the pattern of your exam. Learn the marks which are divided based on the subject section. Go through each topic and be conscious of the areas that hold higher marks. Just start with the basics and make your foundation strong.
  1. Make a timetable: Before starting preparation for this year, makes a timetable first. Don’t make the same mistakes that you have made in the last year IIT exam. Give equal time to each subject and practice more on the subjects in which you are weak. Most of the JEE aspirants focused on their favourite subject to get better rank in IIT JEE , and as a result, they get lower marks in other.
  1. Don’t lose your confidence: When you failed in any competitive exam, then many people may talk behind your back. They make all possible things to make you feel low and weak but don’t listen to them. Don’t lose your confidence by listening to their tones. Instead of listening to them, work on yourself. Build your confidence again and change your approach to life. Try to take every negative thing positively and make those things a way to achieve your dreams.
  1. Do self-study: Self-study is the best way to achieve success. When you join the coaching centres, then you have to pay them a huge course fee. Along with that, you can’t clear all your doubts in the classes there are almost hundreds of students like you. The coaching centres covers only the advanced topic, and they don’t cover the basic ones. So, this is completely a waste of time and your money. Instead of paying huge money in these centres, purchase the IIT JEE online course from us and practice at your home to get rank in IIT JEE.
  1. Practice by online notes: When you purchase the online courses, then you can learn different subjects in one place. The online course offers you complete flexibility and convenience. Here you can meet with the top experts and covers all your doubts. There you can get all your last year questions, mock papers and many more things. Besides these, you can also meet with the top personalities who failed or got low rank in IIT JEE in their first attempt, but today, they are placed in the top positions in different sectors. You can learn something from their stories and build up yourself.  

Rebuild & regenerate yourself to achieve a better rank in JEE!

A competitive exam doesn’t define your entire life. So, if you failed the JEE exam, then you don’t need to get disheartened. Whether it’s JEE or NEET or any competitive exams, you should not take these things as the last option of your career. There are many more career opportunities that you can choose from. So, if you already have one unsuccessful attempt and look forward to preparing for the next exam, then buckle up yourself. Just make your strategies and plan by following a completely new approach. Avoid all the common mistakes, practice more, and that’s it. Every year, almost more than 14 lakh students appear in this exam, and only some get seats in the best, top-ranked institute. So, this is the right time to identify your strength and weakness and work on them to get better rank in IIT JEE and seat in a top institute! 

Are you depressed because of your bad JEE marks- Overcome from your failures!
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Are you depressed because of your bad JEE marks- Overcome from your failures!

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