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Good Sleep= Better Chances Of Scoring Well In JEE Exams

In an interaction with the students preparing for JEE Exams, a question was asked about their sleeping patterns. Under their eyes, the dark circles gave an obvious answer that they were hardly getting a sleep pf 5 hours a day, or maybe even less. While they were so proud that they were dedicated for their preparations and would readily skip sleep, it was necessary to let them know the opposing side.

To do so, the host of this interactive session asked them a few questions from the syllabus they had been studying at late hours. The students were shocked to see that they were having a tough time solving even simple problems. Without any further debate, they knew the importance of giving proper rest to their body and mind.

In this post, we shall be discussing how important it is to sleep for at least 7 hours a day, to keep your mind sharp for cracking the JEE or any other competitive exam.

Here is how a night of good sleep can benefit the students:

  1. Improve The Retaining And Grasping Power Of Your Brain

To crack any competitive exams, you certainly know that there are so many things that you require to retain. If you start having trouble keeping important facts and figures, your chances of cracking the competitive exams reduce significantly. Any serious student might even start feeling anxious because of a lack of retention, which will not lead to a good result.

However, if you make sure that you are getting the sleep of minimum 7 hours every day, you will retain things very well. While you studied through the day, items are stored in your memory, and while sleeping your subconscious brain will be working on what you learned. You will not just eliminate the problem of retaining, but also to grasp things well the next day. A fresh mind is wiser to grasp and understand new things.

  1. Improve Your Attention Level

You must have noticed that if you could not get a good sleep the previous night, paying attention gets tough. Our body and mind work in a connection and lack of sleep reduces the efficiency of both. If you could not get the required rest, you would not be able to even sit straight in your classes and pay attention will seem to be a burden.

The freshness that your mind gets with proper sleep brings an enthusiasm for learning the new things. It is also possible that you can learn new things in a shorter period too. When you are facing tough competition, strong attention power is a must, and for that, you need to give the rest your mind and body require.

  1. Feel More Positive

A night of good sleep also helps you feel optimistic about the efforts you are giving for cracking the competitive exams. Try for a week to sleep early and wake up somewhere around the sunrise. When you wake up when most of the world is sleeping, you get a more peaceful environment to study. The effort you put in these hours gives you more satisfactory results, and you start feeling more positive. This positivity also helps you release the tension which burdens most of the students preparing for critical competitive exams. Though make sure that to wake up early, you are also sleeping early. If you sleep at late hours and wake up early, the impact will be the opposite of what you expect.


When you are preparing for the competitive exams, the life routine has to be changed. The priorities have to be set, and giving good rest to your body should be amongst the top 5. If you fail to do so, you might end up wasting all your efforts and time.

To make sure that you get time to sleep well (7 to 8 hours), eliminate the activities that are not required during serious preparations. Please go through our other blogs where we have discussed the essential things that you need to stay focused and divide your time accordingly.

Please note that sleeping for more than what is required will also lead to negative results. This post is not trying to tell that you only need to study, sleep, and eat. A balance between various essential activities is a must to crack the JEE exams.

While you put in your best efforts, keep up with the blog posts of FosterJEE to get the inspiration and positivity.

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