Is Self-Study & online classes are enough to Crack the IIT-JEE in first attempt?

Is Self-Study & online classes are enough to Crack the IIT-JEE in first attempt?

Preparing for an entrance exam is an intimidating task, especially when you are preparing for exams like IIT JEE. There are lakhs of students who are preparing for this exam by paying a huge amount of money. But what for those students who don’t have enough amount for investment in IIT JEE coaching centers. Everyone wants to crack the IIT JEE exams on the first attempt. The competition is getting increase over the last few years because nowadays almost everyone wants to become an engineer in different fields. If you are also dreaming of engineering and preparing by doing self-study and IIT JEE online classes, then this article is for you. Here we will cover the most asked question by the people that is self-study & online classes is enough to crack the exam.

Does self-study help you to crack the exam?

According to the students, you can’t crack the IIT JEE exam for the first time if you are doing self-study. But the truth is just the opposite because there are many students who crack the exam on the first attempt without joining any IIT JEE classes. You can crack the exam by following a proper routine easily. The most important thing that every student should keep in their mind is if you don’t study for yourself, then enrolling yourself in the coaching will doesn’t make any sense.

So, the thing that matters a lot to crack a JEE exam is a study by making a proper routine. Classes are important, but the regular study of 12 hours is also important for any student. When you are deciding on self-study, then you should go through the old question papers, mock papers, and different books, including NCERT. In this way, you can have an idea of what type of question is asked in IIT JEE exams. Give mock test/online test that is provided on the internet to check your skills and speed to solve a problem. By this, you can learn about your positivities and negativities. Revise the topics daily and solve questions as much as possible. Make notes and highlight the most important terms. You should make every possible effort that you can to crack IIT JEE within a year.

How online study or online sites helps you to crack IIT JEE?

Getting a top rank in IIT JEE is a dream for many students, and for that, the students put extra effort along with their regular education. Many online classes are rising from the past years and use different strategies to teach students. After the covid pandemic, the number of online learning sites is increasing, and students are started choosing this over offline coaching centers. The coaching centers are temporarily shut down, and that is the major reason that’s why students are moving into this.

Well, no matter what the reason but the students are feeling anxious about their future. So, at this crucial time, online learning sites like Foster JEE are the only choice for the students. The online learning centers are an alternative to offline coaching centers that helps you to crack IIT JEE. They offer all the technological advancements for connecting with the students in different locations. The online learning sites also have expert teachers who offer the best lectures on different topics. Here you can download the recorded videos and also join the live classes. There are hundreds of more students like you who study for IIT JEE through these platforms. You can interact with those students as well as teachers and solve your doubts. 

 Benefits of preparing IIT JEE with online sites & self-study:

  1. Safety: On this Covid pandemic, it is suggested to be safe by maintaining the physical distance and minimizing the outside activities. When you learn from online learning sites, then you will feel safe and secure and have more time for preparation.
  2. Low cost: If you don’t be able to pay the huge fee of offline classes or IIT JEE coaching centers, then online learning sites are a blessing for you. Here you can save your transportation cost as well as tution fee. Because these are much affordable than the offline coaching classes.
  3. Access recorded lectures: You don’t have to worry when you missed a class because, on online learning sites. You can download and access the recorded videos of your last class at any time and anywhere.
  4. Interact with teachers: In online learning sites, you can interact with the teacher and solve your doubts at any time. They are ready to help you 24*7. Along with this, there are a plethora of benefits that you can get by studying online over offline!

The Bottom Line: For every student cracking the IIT JEE exam in the first attempt is like a dream. To fulfill their dream, they look for ways to study more efficiently. If you are also preparing for this exam by self-study and looking to join IIT JEE online classes, then join Foster JEE. 

Is Self-Study & online classes are enough to Crack the IIT-JEE in first attempt?
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Is Self-Study & online classes are enough to Crack the IIT-JEE in first attempt?

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