The Foster JEE Guide on- Start your 60 days journey for JEE 2021

The Foster JEE Guide on- Start your 60 days journey for JEE 2021

Nowadays, students are clear about their future, and they know what is right for their future and what not. Students who are clear about their goal and decided to become an engineer by getting a seat in top college have started their journey from class 10th. If you are the aspirant of IIT JEE, then you still have almost two months for qualify JEE within 60 days to prepare and revise the important chapters.

As you know earlier, the exam has been postponed due to the Covid pandemic. As per the recent announcement, the exam will be conducted in the month of August. So, this is the right time to identify your weak areas and focus on them. Today the team of Foster JEE brings a top strategy that helps to qualify JEE within 60 days. 

Is it enough to revise for IIT JEE within 60 days?

In order to help the, the students, the Foster JEE came up with the 60 days preparation strategy. Here we divide each subject and topic into different parts. You should make a plan that helps you to prepare for the board exams & entrance exams. Along with this, you should check online learning videos of Foster JEE. So, overall if you are looking at the syllabus of JEE, then you can check that there are almost 16 topics in mathematics. At the same time, if it comes to physics and chemistry, then there are almost 21 topics in physics and 28 topics in chemistry to revise within 60 days!

What are the important topics that you should cover in these 60 days?

To get qualify in JEE, you should cover the most important topics that hold the highest marks. To keep your JEE preparation balanced, you should cover every topic of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. There are many topics from which questions are asked every year. 

If we talk about Physics, then you should revise the topics of Photoelectric effect, X-Ray, Radioactivity, Atomic structure, optics, and electrodynamics. Along with this to qualify JEE, you should keep your eyes on the topics like Unit and Dimension and electricity for JEE.

To qualify JEE chemistry, you should cover the topics of chemical bonding, coordination compounds, transition element, etc. You should have a brief knowledge of the periodic table, organic & inorganic chemistry, etc. 

In mathematics, you should revise the topics like algebra, Straight-line circle, 3D, and vector analysis. Along with this, you should also cover Quadratic equations, sequence, and series, etc to qualify JEE.

Along with this, you should keep the focus on the paper attempting strategy. Time management, question selection, and accuracy play an important role in the exam hall. To improve your question-solving approach, you should give a mock test as much as possible. You can visit Foster JEE to watch the short videos of expert IITians where you can cover the key points of different subjects to qualify JEE.

How to score well in each subject of JEE Main 2021 in 60 days

Foster JEE brings the subject-wise strategy for the students that help them to cover all the important factors within 60 days. Planning for JEE needs some time, and it may be confusing; and therefore, we bring the subject-wise strategy that helps to crack the examination.

  •  Physics: To make yourself strong in physics, you have to understand the basic concepts first. So, rather than memorizing the tough formulas, you should catch the grip. You should focus equally on the numerical and conceptual questions of physics. For better preparation, you should use NCERT books, H.C Verma books. If you don’t have any one of them, then join Foster JEE online learning videos and clear your basics.
  •  Mathematics: In Mathematics, you need immense practice. You should memorize the formulas and know where to put those. There are many shortcut tricks to memorize the tough mathematical formulas that you can learn by checking our online videos. So, to get a high score in mathematics, you need to solve questions on a daily basis.
  • Chemistry: To grab good marks in this, you have to clear your basics of organic and inorganic chemistry. Take a look at the periodic table and memorizing this every day. Make proper notes and learn the reactions and formulae in your free time. To clear your doubts, check Foster JEE videos.


There are still almost more than 60 days in which you can revise all the chapters. This is the time to build the mindset and use the right attitude to crack the exam. Select the right resources like Foster JEE and make your plans to crack IIT JEE in 60 days. 

The Foster JEE Guide on- Start your 60 days journey for JEE 2021
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The Foster JEE Guide on- Start your 60 days journey for JEE 2021

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