Relation Between Meditation And Cracking JEE Exams

You must have heard that with a calm mind you can achieve anything, and this is true for cracking your JEE exams too. So, in this chaotic and competitive world, where it is so hard to keep calm, meditation is your salvation.

In medieval times, people used meditation to achieve results which cannot be achieved even by futuristic technology that we have these days. So, meditation can also help you crack your JEE exams and we shall discuss in this post the benefits you can get with just meditating for a short duration in a day.

Get Rid Of Anxiety

One of the major reasons that become a hindrance in cracking the JEE or any competitive exams is anxiousness. There is no debate in the fact that being anxious cannot be helped as you are competing against so many students, but if you add meditation into your routine, you will start seeing a change in your attitude.

You feel calmer and that allows your mind to focus on your studies rather than worrying about the competition. You will be able to channelize your focus entirely on your preparation and that immensely boosts your confidence. Meditating for 10 minutes twice in a day shall eliminate your enemy number 1, anxiousness.

Improve Your Focus

This world around us and our mind, both are full of chaos. There is so much happening in our mind and in the environment we live in, that having focus becomes tough. Every time we want to focus on the studies, the things happening in our environment will be there to distract us. Even if we are lucky enough to live in a peaceful environment, there are so many things that are in our mind that prevent us from having the focus on the preparation of exams.

Meditation will help you train your mind to focus completely on one thing, no matter what is happening around you. You can take examples of great people like Swami Vivek Anand and Gautam Budh who achieved greatness with the help of meditation. These people used to meditate a lot, but to crack your JEE exams only 10-minute meditation, 2 times a day will do wonders.

Get A Sound Sleep

You are surely aware that sound sleep is important for everyone. It keeps both your mind and body in a proper shape. While you are preparing for competitive exams like JEE, getting a sound sleep becomes more important but with preparation stress doing so is not that easy. However, it is possible to sleep well with the help of meditation.

The simple explanation to this is that mediation helps you concentrate on one thing in particular. So, if you meditate for some time before sleeping, your brain will be able to concentrate on the sleep instead of the fear of competition and preparation. You will be able to sleep well and thus have a fresh mind to start your next day’s preparation.

Boost Your Confidence

If you start meditating regularly, you will get sound sleep, have more focus on the preparation, and all of this will automatically boost your confidence. When you know for yourself that you have been giving your best effort on your preparations, you will feel confident and this in return will help you improve your efforts. When you feel confident, you also attract positivity and that makes achieving your goals easier.

Sharpens The Grasping Power Of Your Brain

The study related to competitive exams like JEE is not easy. To be fast one has to keep in mind a number of things and be able to make use of them at the same time. So, it is important that you have good grasping strength. With meditation, you can enhance the grasping power of your brain. This has been observed in many meditators that are more observant and can retain things in their memory for a long duration.


Just giving 10 minutes 2 times a day, once in the morning and once before sleeping will enhance your brain. Your preparation will show you better results when you start meditating regularly.

At FosterJEE, we do not believe in following the orthodox approach of just studying and sticking to the syllabus. We want all our students to excel and thus we keep looking for different methodologies to make the studying process interesting. This is why we add interesting blogs regularly that help you feel positive and stay motivated. Visit our webpage regularly to stay updated with the latest information related to JEE examinations.

Relation Between Meditation And Cracking JEE Exams
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Relation Between Meditation And Cracking JEE Exams

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