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Strategy To Get Success In JEE Examinations 2021

With very less time left for the JEE examinations, it is the best time for you all to be ready with a perfect strategy. No matter how hard you worked throughout the year, an ideal approach is the one thing that will lock the chances of you cracking the exams. It is essential that you have studied well and have all the required knowledge, but using it in the right manner, is something that is required. So, without any further discussion here are a few strategies that FosterJEE suggests for your great results.

  1. Start Working On Previous Question Papers

With the short duration left for the JEE exams, we are sure that you are thorough with your preparations and have covered every topic. Now it is the time that you devote time to solve the previous question papers. Doing so enhances your practice and boosts your confidence as you can finish the questions with perfect timing. More is your confidence; more will be your chances to crack the exams.

If you are a student of FosterJEE, you can get access to the mock tests bank on the webpage. These mock tests are updated with the latest types of questions you will get in the real exams. While you practice these questions, you are also preparing yourself for the scenario that you will experience in the real examinations.

  1. Make Sure That Formulas Are Embedded In Your Memory

Knowing the formulas by heart is very important to solve each problem with accuracy and in a short fraction of time. To ensure that all your formulas are ready in your brain, you can make a chart of them and stick it close to your study area. Don’t forget to go through this chart a couple of times during the day. Also, while you are going out for a walk or speaking to a friend over the phone, utilize the time while discussing the formulas.

  1. Focus On Both Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Strategizing how to attempt the examination is critical and should be done based on your strengths and weaknesses. While for some students physics might be their strong point, for some chemistry can be the same. It is important you are confident about your strengths and are not worrying about them at this hour.

Also, whatever are your weak points, try to make them strong enough so you can achieve a satisfactory score. For your weak subjects, concentrating mainly on the topics that can fetch you good marks. If you start working on the entire syllabus, you might start to panic.

  1. Make A Pre Examination Routine

As the time left for the examination is too less, you need to prioritise your preparations only. Cut out all the extra things that may be important for your lifestyle. Whether your favourite show is streaming online or a party is at your relative’s place, you can get those things later in your life. For now, you must concentrate on the exams and keeping your mind and body fit. Preventing yourself from exhausting your energy on extra activities will surely get your desired results.

  1. Do Not Get In The Trap Of Panicking!

Now, this point is super essential for all the students appearing for the coming JEE exams. As the exam dates near, even the brightest students start getting anxious. They start believing that they will not be able to clear the exams. This is something which affects their confidence negatively. If you do so, it is a possibility that you may even start thinking that you forgot all your formulas.

What you need to do is, behave like this time is just like any other day you used throughout the year for your preparations. Do not start sitting for extra hours of study and exhausting yourself. Take your mock tests, and be content with the results that you are getting. Just focus on improving your questions solving speed. Do not forget to take proper rest and diet. Usually, students start skipping their meals as they feel anxious. No matter how much pressure is there on your head at this hour, taking care of your mind and body is as important as were your preparations throughout the year.

With a certainty that these tips will help you crack your JEE 2021 exam, FosterJEE wishes all the students who are appearing for the exams, good luck.

Strategy To Get Success In JEE Examinations 2021
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Strategy To Get Success In JEE Examinations 2021

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