This is how you can score 90+ marks in JEE Chemistry!

This is how you can score 90+ marks in JEE Chemistry!

Chemistry is one of the most scoring subjects in IIT JEE as compared to Mathematics & physics. If you have clear concepts and have good practice on solving question, then you can easily score 90+ marks in Chemistry. Every IIT JEE students are under huge pressure to get a better rank and getting admission to leading engineering colleges. At this stage, your prime concern should be about covering the most important chapters. You should be focused on solving the mock test and last year’s question papers. In this way, you can get ready to deal with the perfect exam environment! Here in this article, we are going to outline the major tricks to achieve 90+ marks in the core subject.

An overview of JEE main Chemistry syllabus

The very first step to start the preparation for Chemistry is aware of the JEE syllabus and the weightage of numbers. As a JEE student, you shouldn’t miss any single topic to cover; otherwise, you may face a loss of mark. The syllabus of chemistry is divided into three sections including:

  1. Physical chemistry
  2. Organic chemistry
  3. Inorganic chemistry

Under these sections, there is a huge amount of topic that you have to cover by maintaining a proper plan. There is a huge competition in JEE, and every single point is necessary to beat the rankings and getting admission to your dream college. In these three sections, Inorganic and physical chemistry holds maximum weightage as compared to other!

There is a huge competition in JEE, and to emerge yourself from the huge gathering of students, you have to be prepared. In order to get a good score, you have to strengthen the basic concepts of chemistry. To follow the tricks to achieve 90+ marks, you should cover the below-detailed topics that are asked every year!

Important topics of Chemistry that you have to cover:

  1. Chemical bonding & periodic table: This is the most fundamental topic in chemistry that needs a good command to score better. 
  2. Basic chemistry: After that, you should cover all the basic chapters of chemistry like Quantum chemistry, atomic structure, Classification of elements, and organic chemistry.
  3. Chemical reaction: Every year, almost two questions are asked from this section that you can easily solve to secure a good mark. If you have a basic understanding of the chemical bonding, then it becomes easiest for you!
  4. Thermodynamics: You should be prepared on Thermodynamics and its laws, and knowledge in compounds and their derivatives. 

Important tips to boost your score in Chemistry JEE at exam hall:

Chemistry is the most scoring subject, and one mistake can completely change your rankings. Therefore while writing papers in exams, you should follow some basic tips that improve your rankings.

  1. Eliminate the wrong answers: This is the best method to answering lengthy questions. If you are not sure about the options, then this approach can help you to reach the solution. Eliminate the options which are wrong and save your time.
  2. Try to solve the easiest question: Most of the students feel anxiety after watching the question paper. So, don’t feel nervous and solve the easiest questions first. Read all the questions first and then calculate the time that you have to give in each section. 
  3. Memorize the formulas: Sometimes, in exam halls, we can’t remember those toughest formulas to put on a problem. Therefore to memorize the formulas consider the shortcuts that are using on daily basis terms. 

There is no shortcut for achieving good marks, so be positive, keep calm and write your paper carefully. Don’t give extra time to any sections and always go for the smart work!

Why Choose FosterJee?

At FosterJEE, we are aiming to motivate students to learn chemistry for JEE exams. Here we offer multiple online classes where expert teachers will come to clear your concepts. For physical chemistry, we will provide you a proper note by covering all the important chapters. We focus on the most important topics of organic chemistry like Hydrocarbons, Aldehydes, and all. We have expert teachers who give a different approach and adopt a different method to clear the topics. With us, you can map the NCERT book into your mind without memorizing anything. In our class, we provide class notes, MCQ’s and study materials that boost up your score!


 By reading the overall thing, we can say that to get a good score on chemistry; you should focus on the most important topics. Make a study plan and join our classes of IITJEE through videos.

This is how you can score 90+ marks in JEE Chemistry!
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This is how you can score 90+ marks in JEE Chemistry!

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