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Working Hard Smartly Is the Key to Cracking Competitive Exams

In recent times, I met many students preparing for competitive exams and what I sensed in them was anxiousness. What most of the student’s spoke of was how hard they have been utilizing this time of Covid-19, but still, they were not so confident.

I was told that they had been just studying all day long and that intrigued my thought process. I was wondering, if these students have been so dedicated to their goals, then why is their confidence still lacking?

As I spoke more to these students, the first thing that came to my mind was, that they were working hard, but this effort was not being done smartly. So, I suggested them a few things that they should be doing and shall be sharing the same with all the readers in this post.

1. Give Rest To Both Your Body And Mind

Working hard is necessary to crack the competitive exams, but that does not mean that you have to exhaust your body and mind. If you do that, you will be working hard but will be making no progress.

Many students have made their moto that they have to give a minimum sitting of 8 hours and then take a rest of 1 hour and start the 8 hours sitting again. They do so because they have seen fellow students do it or they have been told to do so by various learned people.

The point here is to understand that, we all are different and thus it is important to figure our capacities. If you can sit for 4 hours without exhausting yourself, then give your one hundred percent in those 4 hours. You will soon notice that you have will be able to grasp more, and with time, your capacity to sit for more hours will increase.

2. Learn To Have Fun

All work and no play will not work for you. To crack your competitive exams, you must break the stereotype of only working hard. To enjoy yourself while working hard is necessary to keep your mind sharp. When you are satisfied that you gave your full effort while you were studying, give yourself a chance to listen to music you like, watch your favorite movie, go for a walk, or do anything that helps your mind feel fresh. It has been observed that less stressed students have a more chance of cracking competitive exams.

3. Add Some Outdoor Sports Activities in your Routine

You surely have heard that a healthy body is a home for a sharp mind. Just studying while sitting will deteriorate the shape of your health. As important is to study for cracking the competitive exams, involving yourself in some outdoor activities is too. Therefore, the suggestion here is that at least one outdoor sport should be an important part of your preparation regime. This one game of your choice should be played every day so your body stays in shape.

4. Seek For Guidance from Professionals

Self-study is great but having professionals to help you can be the smartest thing to make your hard work achieve what you are aiming for. When you do self-study, you are just following the syllabus and the material printed in the books. However, when you are learning under professional guidance, you are preparing as per the latest updates in the competitive examination patterns.

Institutes like FosterJEE have professional teachers who give their best to every student. They observe your strengths, shortcomings, and then help you overcome your weak points and make the strengths stronger.

Professional help also allows you to feel more confident. The hard work you do feels more satisfying when professional teachers approve that. It is like your mind knows that you are moving in the right direction.

5. Work Hard Without Setting Expectations

Most students do one small mistake in setting expectations. Before even starting their hard work, they have expectations in their head of cracking the competitive exams. These expectations work as hindrances and prevent the students from moving smoothly towards success.

This happens because when you have an expectation set in your mind, you will just work for it and not try to learn something extra. Smart students do not just know what is supposed to be asked in the exam but also something more. So, simply give your best effort and only as much you can do without exhausting yourself, and keep learning everything that comes your way.


Hard work is important but doing it smartly is what matters. Follow these 5 tips and see the results for yourself. When you have cracked your competitive exams, also share with us how these tips worked for you. Your feedback will surely help us and other students stay motivated for their preparations.

Working Hard Smartly Is the Key to Cracking Competitive Exams
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Working Hard Smartly Is the Key to Cracking Competitive Exams

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