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Chemistry Class XII

Course Description Chemistry Class XII is a combo of organic, inorganic & physical chemistry which is the base of applied science. Therefore, it is vital for students who want to seek a career in chemistry, engineering, or medicine. FosterJee comes with a perfect solution to help the students build a strong base for a better …

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Mathematics Class XII

Course Description A student steps into his practical life starts soon after passing Class XII, so it is a transformative year in his life. The future ahead is dependent on the performance of a student in Class XII. Thus he faces a lot of mental stress. And, commonly, students often fail to perform as per …

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Physics Class XI

Click here for Full Acces Course Description Physics Class XI aims to clear & strengthen the basic concepts of physical science in everyday life. Foster Jee has emphasized developing strategies, including frequent preparation and periodic revision of fundamental physical problems & ideas in the course. In such a way, the students can score well in …

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Mathematics Class XI

Click here for Full Access Course Description Mathematics Class XI study solution by FosterJee has made it easy for the students to practice. And they will not have to struggle much while solving problems. Moreover, the students would be allowed to practice at their own pace and prepare for the forthcoming exams. Therefore, our course …

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Chemistry Class XI

Click here for full Access Course Description Chemistry’s primary objective in Class XI is to build a strong foundation and boost your overall percentage. It plays a vital part in seeking a career in medicine, Engineering, Technology, or mastering the subject. It also helps the students face various everyday issues related to health, nutrition, environment, …

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Physics Class XII

Course Description The higher secondary stage is crucial and challenging stage of school education as it is a transition from general science to discipline-based curriculum. Students take up Physics, as a discipline, with a purpose of pursuing their future careers in basic sciences or professional courses like medicine, engineering, technology and studying courses in applied …

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