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Chemistry Class XII is a combo of organic, inorganic & physical chemistry which is the base of applied science. Therefore, it is vital for students who want to seek a career in chemistry, engineering, or medicine.

FosterJee comes with a perfect solution to help the students build a strong base for a better future. It has designed a comprehensive program for Class XII students, which aims to clear and evaluate their fundamental chemistry concepts. Our Chemistry Class XII course gives an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the subject, including the chemical equations & formulae. It assists the students to prepare for the CBSE board exam and perform well in it. So, we always follow the updated CBSE’s class 12 chemistry syllabus to keep the students updated as CBSE gradually changes its syllabus.

Besides CBSE board exams, our course can also be worthy for competitive exams like JEE. Thus, it is essential to clear the students’ fundamental concepts, precisely what the experts at FosterJee do.

Also, here we teach the students so that they can learn time management and solve the questions confidently. We prepare our sample papers following the board format to analyze students’ poor points and enhance them.

Features of our Chemistry Class XII

Our course includes comprehensive NCERT solution class 12 chemistry for the guidance of students. We follow simple strategies in an easy-to-understand format that a student can grasp quickly. Here, we have given a complete solution of every chapter in a sequence for students’ ease. Furthermore, our NCERT solution class 12 chemistry provides learners with accurate insight into practical chemistry.

A few of the other features of our course Chemistry Class XII include:

Course criteria: We go in logical reasoning and solve the numerical values following every step. Besides, our answers to theoretical questions are very brief and to-the-point.

Study solution: Our study solution is very detailed, explanative & concept-focused rather than question-focused. We break down the complex problems into smaller parts to help students concentrate on each step while solving it. Thus, it enables the students to solve all related issues with ease.

Subject Experts: Our competent subject specialists are insightful and skilled and engage themselves to create unique and easy-to-digest concepts. They give the students unrivaled content in terms of quality and dependability. Moreover, their student-friendly nature keeps the students motivated and easy to open up regarding any doubt.

Study Material: In our online chemistry classes, we are fully equipped with every essential element. So, here, we give you the best study resources to practice the subject, from the textbook’s question/answers & exercises to Exemplars, notes, sample papers, etc. The story does not end here, we also conduct quizzes, daily, weekly, or monthly tests/ mock tests to examine the students’ proficiency.

Exceptional of all the above, our experts also teach the students the conceptual tips & tricks and important shortcuts to quickly solve the problem.

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Unit I: Solid State
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