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A student steps into his practical life starts soon after passing Class XII, so it is a transformative year in his life. The future ahead is dependent on the performance of a student in Class XII. Thus he faces a lot of mental stress. And, commonly, students often fail to perform as per their capacities due to overpressure. Therefore, FosterJee has designed its course in a student-friendly manner to learn the typical concept with ease. Our study solution for Mathematics Class XII makes it easy for you to practice, and you will not have to struggle much while solving problems.

The main objective of teaching Mathematics at higher secondary school is to help the students acquire knowledge and critical understanding through visualization, basic concepts, symbols, and mastery of underlying processes and skills. Also, it will help the students develop a positive attitude to think, analyze and articulate logically. Thus, our course curriculum is designed to encourage students to study Mathematics as a discipline and participate in related competitions.

Criteria of Mathematics Class XII Course

Mathematics is well-known as a highly scoring subject in academics. Whether the students can earn maximum marks or a single error can lead them to zero in it. As a result, many students risk failing the subject on the board test. Hence, we aim to clear the students’ doubts to get them out of such fears. It is not easy to learn mathematics for everyone. People often struggle to understand the basic concepts due to poor teaching sources or other elements.

Nevertheless, FosterJee has come with the right solution for you. Our Online Maths Learning Program will make it seem as though it was a walk in the park. Studying the subject’s fundamentals with us will help the brain understand every topic more quickly and effectively. We have focused on all the essential topics that need a proper understanding and thorough practice sessions. Our Mathematics Class XII course is composed as per the updated Maths CBSE syllabus, where we have given chapter-wise guidelines.

These topics include trigonometric functions, probability, Binomial theorem, & Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry. Besides, after each chapter, the exercises have many problems that could occur during the board examinations. Therefore, you need to understand what sort of sums are required to achieve maximum marks in mathematics.

Our Top-notch Mathematics Trainers give Chapter-wise Exercise solutions for the ease of students. In addition, they help the students practice through different materials like; Notes, Worksheets, Exemplar problems, Practice Questions, Maths Sample Papers, etc. Not only this, but they also conduct Daily and weekly quizzes and Mock Tests to examine the performance of the students.

What You'll Learn

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"Liked the teachers and their way of teaching. Its helped me in clearing my concepts of differential and integral calculus."
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Ashish Garg

Course Content

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Unit I: Relations and Functions
Unit II: Algebra
Unit III: Calculus
Unit IV: Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry
Unit V: Linear Programming
Unit VI: Probability
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