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Physics Class XI aims to clear & strengthen the basic concepts of physical science in everyday life. Foster Jee has emphasized developing strategies, including frequent preparation and periodic revision of fundamental physical problems & ideas in the course. In such a way, the students can score well in the final exams and set a future goal because Physics is one of the science fields’ primary subjects. It has a vital position whatever the career a student chooses, from medicine to engineering and technology. Thus, the students have to get each concept to master the subject as only the cramming would help them.

Some students feel it is boring & challenging to study physics, but actually, it is exciting if learned with some good sources. Therefore, the academic experts of Fosterjee have prepared the best research resources for CBSE Physics Class 11 for its students. We provide the CBSE Physics Class XI NCERT solutions with a proper schedule to help students perform better.

Criteria & Features of Physics Class XI Course

Our Physics Class XI course is full of essential features; here, we have a well-furnished classroom atmosphere along with competent and skilled trainers. At the same time, we conduct daily practice sessions and provide every necessary Comprehensive Study Materials including; physics question paper 2020.

We follow a chapter-wise sequence of the Class XI physics syllabus and go into each problem’s depth with an easy solution. It is a rigorous program for Grade XI students. They can benefit greatly from regular doubt sessions, research materials, and in-class practice to stay on track with their studies and achieve an excellent Physics result. Our course also offers them main shortcuts, conceptual tips, and tricks to assist them in cracking any question easily & quickly. Further, we administer regular testing to assess the students’ progress. We pay close attention to every student and ensure that each performs best during exams.

Our CBSE class 11 physics sample paper 2020 is created keeping in mind the up-to-date syllabus proposed by NCERT and the CBSE Board. These sample papers will teach the students time management and correct poor areas in a subject while solving them. Moreover, it will boost their confidence and clarity to achieve higher grades in upcoming examinations.

Besides, we help them to practice via solving and analyzing the previous exam. And also, we give Individual sessions to clear their doubts if needed. All-in-all, we work with the students hand-in-hand to lead them to success.

What You'll Learn

Student Testimonial
This course is well designed and it helped me in clearing my concepts and made me practice well with the questions and answers.
John Dave

Course Content

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Unit I: Physical World and Measurement
Unit II: Kinematics
Unit III: Laws of Motion
Unit IV: Work, Energy and Power
Unit V: Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
Unit VI: Gravitation
Unit VII: Properties of Bulk Matter
Unit VIII: Thermodynamics
Unit IX: Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases
Unit X: Oscillations and Waves
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