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The higher secondary stage is crucial and challenging stage of school education as it is a transition from general science to discipline-based curriculum. Students take up Physics, as a discipline, with a purpose of pursuing their future careers in basic sciences or professional courses like medicine, engineering, technology and studying courses in applied areas of science and technology at tertiary level. There is a need to provide the learners with sufficient conceptual background of Physics which would eventually make them competent to meet the challenges of academic and professional courses after the higher secondary stage. But often, students struggle a lot to prepare and cover the syllabus of Physics Class XII. Thus, the course’s main objective is to provide the students a proper intellectual experience in Physics. So, that they successfully fulfill all the academic needs and also of the professional ones ahead. Our course is designed as per the latest CBSE Physics Education Class 12 Syllabus to fulfill student’s needs.

If you are planning to seek a physics career, our Online Physics Class XII Program is the best solution for you. It will prepare you to do well in the examination. Hence, in our student-friendly course, you can quickly clear all your doubts. Our course outline is to give a deeper understanding of the concepts of Physics. Moreover, we have focused on all the essential topics that need a proper account and thorough practice sessions.

We have given a thorough insight into the latest examination pattern. And also our Physics Question Paper 2020 gives the question types that might be asked therein.

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"Thank you so much, Sir. You're a great teacher and very beloved. Your online lectures are fantastic. Thus, I was able to clear all of my ideas. Also, your teaching style is excellent, and you have a positive attitude toward the students... Nice course, and my tutor's teaching style was brilliant. The content of the lectures is excellent. Studying at home rather than going to coaching centers supported me tremendously in my training. Thank you very much! "
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Jignesh Dave

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