Electronics & telecommunication engineering- A way to change the thinking

Electronics & communication engineering is one of the most demanding subjects that you can choose. Basically, this subject is a mixture of electronics or electrical engineering & computer programming. If you have an interest in designing medical equipment & surgical robots, then this could be the best subject for you. It helps you for creating a sustainable energy power system that allows climate change. Here we will break all the myths regarding electronics & communication engineering.

How an electronics & communication engineer help you?

1. Become a Lifelong Innovator

As an electronics & communication engineer, you have strong skills in math & science, right? So, it will able you to understand & to design affordable & efficient solutions. A can design or invent something that is sustainable for the world and solve half of the world. You can inspire by the legends like Tim Berners Lee, Nikola Tesla, etc. You can become the one who contributes to the next big achievement in science & technology.

 2. Ability to Help the World

As a technologist, you are surrounded by inventing & reinventing technologies to make the world a better place. You can serve society by delivering the best innovative products. Besides, that electronics & computers are two different fields, but when both are mixed together then it can make a blunder! Therefore, an electronics & communication engineer is a relevant and integral part of any organization that you can join in the future.

3. Utilise What You Learn

In most cases, people can’t utilize their academic studies on their professional grounds. Most of the students got jobs or employment in companies that have a relation with their academics. But when it comes to electronics & communication engineering, then the scenario is just the opposite. Because electronics and communication engineer can use their knowledge in their working environments. You will feel completely satisfied to work in an environment and deal with real-world projects. 

 4. Scope for High Salaries

This is a vast field, and there is a lot of scope in the future. This makes the student confident after passing out from their academics. You can apply to many companies anywhere and everywhere. Everyone wants to hire by a company with a huge package, and you can’t get enough package as a computer & electronics engineer received. In the future, the market will need a high amount of electrical & communication engineers. So, if you want to be an electrical engineer, then this is the right time to take some steps.

 5. Better Career Prospects

The best thing about electrical & telecommunication engineer is they might start their career in any field. There are many industries that need them, including aeroscope, healthcare, construction, bioengineering, manufacturing, transportation, automation, and many more. So, there is a broad career horizon that you can achieve once you are done with your academic career.

 6. Most Billionaires are Engineers

If you measure the success rate of most known personalities, then you find that most of them are engineers. If we talk about the richest person in the world, then you find that every one of them has completed their engineering in different streams. Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder, Larry Page, the Google founder, have completed their degrees in computer engineering & electrical engineering. Most of the entrepreneurs are engineers and known to succeed in their life by opening their own companies. If you want to be one like them, then you should prepare for the IITJEE from now. They are the reason for your inspiration & aspiration. 

7. Possibility to Work Overseas

When you complete your academic career, then you have a chance to work outside the country. You can attract companies that are outside of your country with your skills. When you have the right knowledge and skills, then you can contribute to your nation as well to the global platform. You will receive approaches globally.


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Electronics & telecommunication engineering- A way to change the thinking
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Electronics & telecommunication engineering- A way to change the thinking

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