JEE preparation from grade 11

A guide for preparation of IIT JEE 2023 from class 11

As a student gets entered in class11, he/she start building dreams for his career. They start researching various career prospects. Especially when you are a science student, then you might have many questions on your mind like How to prepare for IIT, where to study, and what the syllabus is. If you are looking for dreams of being a successful aspirant of IIT JEE, then you should start JEE preparation from grade 11. As per the growing demand for engineering colleges, the number of aspirants for IIT JEE is also increasing. 

Why should a student prepare from grade 11?

The syllabus of JEE exam is similar to the syllabus of CBSE classes 11 and 12. If you understand the initial base of the subjects, then you can drop down half of the tension. The only difference is the difficulty level of your questions. In JEE, you have to solve the objective level of questions, and you can only answer those if you have the core knowledge of physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

So, when you are preparing for your weekly test, then it is advised to go through the same topics of IIT JEE. Starting preparing from class 12 could be tedious, and one year is a very short time for any student. Most of the students end up with overestimating themselves and drop one year for JEE preparation from grade 11. It requires some time, dedication, and immense practice. Almost lakhs of students give exams, but only thousands of them are getting selected for the leading institution. Therefore for preparing for IIT JEE mains & advance, you need to prepare from grade 11.

Can I Start Preparation for IIT JEE from Class 11?

  • Go through the complete syllabus: The very first thing that you need is to go through the complete syllabus. Go through the syllabus of physics, math, and chemistry. Have a quick look at the syllabus and start preparing for JEE Advanced and JEE mains.
  • Collect the book & study material: After that, you need to decide whether you want to join a coaching or self-study. Collect the last year’s question papers and books that are necessary for the exam. Along with that, you should start focusing on NCERT books too. Go through the every theoretical and numerical question. Solve each question of NCERT and give a mock test. You can also join online coaching classes like FosterJEE.
  • Prepare a study schedule: After deciding all these things, you should prepare a study table. Give most of the time to your grade 11 exams but also focus on JEE questions. Start your day with the positive so that you can study consistently. Make the schedule according to your comfort level. Target maximum questions to solve in minimum time. Study for the minimum time but with full concentration. Remove the distractions and set daily or weekly targets. 
  • Understand the basics: To prepare and solve the IIT JEE question, first focus on the basics. Strengthen your basics. Start with your favorite subject and understand the concepts by going through the deep factors and terms. First, understand the theory part and then focus on the numerical questions. You can only achieve a good rank when you are focused and dedicated to your study. Keep making notes and note down all the formulas, reactions, and shortcuts. 
  • Join an online class: The best thing you can do is join an online class rather than joining any coaching centers. Through online classes like FosterJEE, you can ask queries related to the subjects and solve assignments. Here you can join classes at any time and from anywhere without making any physical appearance. The best thing about this class is where you can meet with the expert teachers and solve your queries through chats. 
  • Be determined: You should be passionate and determined about your studies. Always set your targets. Consistency is the fundamental key to your success. Always take small breaks between the studies and keep revising the things before sleeping. 
  • Make small goals & achieve big: When you start preparing for the JEE exams, then the syllabus may look huge to you. So, it is necessary to divide them into modules. Pick one topic at a time and clear all the basics and advanced terms. Once you learned the topic well, move to the next one. 
  • Measure your learning: Studying for a long time will be worth it when you measure your learning and performance. After completing all the topics, start giving assessment tests and mock tests. Set the time and start analyzing whether you are eligible to solve the questions or not. 

Conclusion: In the upcoming future, there is a huge placement opportunity for engineers. So, if you want to be a successful engineer, then here is how to set JEE preparation from grade 11 smoothly.

A guide for preparation of IIT JEE 2023 from class 11
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A guide for preparation of IIT JEE 2023 from class 11

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