A Different Perspective To See The Subject Of Physics

A Different Perspective To See The Subject Of Physics

Many people see physics just as a subject for people interested in science or who want to pursue IIT JEE exams. However, physics is more than just a subject for CBSE class 11 or 12. The miracles and concepts of physics surround us all the time. So what is a different perspective to see the subject of physics?

The students studying physics often find it difficult as they have to memorize concepts in it. If the students of CBSE class 11 and 12 start seeing the various physics concepts around, they will find the subject to be very easy. 

In this new blog, we will talk about physics concepts that are always around us and are also interesting. We expect that after going through this post, your perspective to see physics will change, and you will have ease in studying the subject. 

1. To walk

Whether you are going to walk to your school, college, office, or anywhere in this world, physics will be a part of it. To walk, the concepts of physics like friction, gravity, momentum are always in use. If we are not aware of these physics concepts, it would not be possible for us to make the roads the right way. We would not even know what kind of footwear is required to walk on different surfaces. Because of these concepts themselves, various shoe designing companies can create the right shoe soles. 

2. The Pen For Writing

We all know that amongst a sword and pen, the pen is the stronger weapon. Writing can change the world. Also, to appear in your exams like IIT JEE, class tests, or final exams, you require a pen. Well, even in pen, the concept of gravity plays the most important role. The pens designed to write in a space ship where there is no gravity, special pens are made. Yes, these special pens are also made with the concepts of physics. 

3. Alarm Clocks

To wake up on time, we use alarm clocks. The sound that the alarm clock makes and allows you to wake up right on time is also because of the branch of physics we know as quantum physics. Many readers may say that who uses an alarm clock to wake up anymore, the same can be done with mobile phones. Well, the sound, whether from your table clock or any other modern digital device, is based on the concept of physics. 

4. Steam Ironing The Clothes

Thermodynamics is a branch of physics-based on which steam ironworks. With the use of physics, it becomes possible that we can have clean, ironed clothes. The steam from the iron kills all the germs present on our clothes. So, it is because of physics that we can maintain our hygiene as well as a presentable appearance in school or office. 

5. Seat Belts In Our Cars

When we sit in a car to go to our desired destination, we never forget to tighten our seat belts. The seat belts give us confidence that we will be safe even in case of any mishappening. It is the concept of inertia in physics that allows us to stay safe because of the seat belts. Inertia is a concept where the object or body is unwilling to move and remain in the rest state. When we wear a seat belt, it brings our body into the state of inertia. So, when there is a collision, the seat belt’s inertia prevents us from moving forward and getting injured.


The purpose of bringing this post to our readers is to let them know about the various places where physics come into use. In the case of students learning concepts becomes easy when they can see practical usage. Apart from the practical activities in this post, there are various other fields where there is a practical usage and demonstration of physics concepts. 

At FosterJee, we aim to prepare the students for IIT JEE examinations. However, we tend to follow a different approach. We teach the concepts to our students based on practical explanations. Because of this, our students do not have to memorize the concepts. Our teaching methodology allows them to have a clear knowledge of the various concepts of physics. This helps them clear the exams with great scores and helps them implement their knowledge in their future careers. To know more about the courses of FosterJee, follow the link here


A Different Perspective To See The Subject Of Physics
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A Different Perspective To See The Subject Of Physics

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