Unit-I: Sets and Functions
Unit-II: Algebra
Unit-III: Coordinate Geometry
Unit-IV: Calculus
Unit-V: Mathematical Reasoning
Unit-VI: Statistics and Probability

Introduction to Straight Lines

Coordinate geometry is a combination of Algebra and Geometry. A straight line is a part of Coordinate Geometry in two dimensional.

A systematic study of Geometry by the use of Algebra was first carried out by celebrated French philosopher and mathematician, Rene Descartes, in his book “La Geometry” published  in 1637. This  book introduced the notion of equation of a curve and related analytical methods into the study of Geometry.

The resulting combination of analysis and geometry is referred now to as Analytical Geometry. In earlier classes, Geometry, where we initiated the study of Coordinate Geometry, where we studied about coordinate axes and coordinate plane etc. All these concepts are the basis of Coordinate Geometry.

Fundamental Concept

The set of points on the coordinate plane can be taken as the Cartesian product R \times R where  R is the set of real numbers.

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